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Certified Translation in KSA

Certified Translation Company in KSA

Trustworthy Translation Services
With Elite Business Investments

"Not Just Words, It's A Story"

We devote ourselves to gaining our clients’ satisfaction, utilizing all our resources and experience to break down the barrier of languages to facilitate good cross-cultural communication.

Elite Business Investments translation services are tailored to fit your expectations from the side of quality, accuracy, timeliness, and affordability. We believe that easy communication is the first step toward success.

Certified Translation Services in KSA | Elite Business Investments
ISO Accredited Translation Company in KSA


An accredited translation agency located in Saudi Arabia delivers high-quality translation services that are quick and affordable. We are one of the few agencies awarded with International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American Translators Association (ATA), and  Association for Translation Companies (ATC) certifications. 

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Amercial Translators Association_Elite Translation

Get higher quality translation services with easy steps and no need to think more.

Competitive Prices for Translation Services

Competitive Prices

Multi-language Translation

Multi-Language Translation

Professional Translators

Professional Translators

Legal Translation Service in KSA

Legal Translation

Legal translation encompasses not only the translation of legal terminology but also the translation of culture, as well as the translation of various legal and judicial systems from one country to another.

Technical Translation Service in KSA

Technical Translation

It involves the translation of documents written by industry professionals using specialised terminology. We provide you with accurate technical documents translations for a variety of usage.

Document Translation Service in KSA

Document Translation

Document Translation is a translation of different kinds of documents such as certificates, IDs, documents for general, financial, and educational contents. 

Medical Translation Service in KSA

Medical Translation

It is one of the most sensitive fields within the industry of translation. Unlike some other forms of translation, there is zero-tolerance for mistakes in healthcare. This is because incorrect translation might harm someone’s health or well-being.

Multi-language Translation Service in KSA

Multi-Language Translation

We offer you a translation in a variety of sectors into English and several languages to ensure effective and high-quality translation of emails, letters, business, technical, and other documents.

Marketing Translation Service in KSA

Marketing Translation

Well researched marketing translation will strengthen a brand’s identity on a global scale, while preserving its uniqueness in each market. On the other hand, literal translation of marketing copy will almost certainly damage your brand.

Our Services

Languages We Cover

Elite Business Investments is expert in more than 60 languages around the world. We have the mission to enable easy communication among different languages.

Ask for the translation of your document from - to <> any required language.

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Our Leaders

Management | Certified Translation Services in KSA

Engr. Ahmed Elewa

Chief Executive Officer - Branch

Management | Certified Translation Services in KSA

Mr. Mohamed Elassal

Public Relations Manager

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