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Certified Translation Services KSA | خدمات ترجمة مُعتمدة في السعودية

Elite Translation KSA focuses on both quality and excellence in delivering our translation services.

Our translators and proof-readers are well qualified in more than 60 languages, based everywhere in the world, and are dedicated to delivering accurate and consistent content.

Company Vision

We pride ourselves in investing time and resources in understanding the context of what is being communicated as well as the surrounding environment where our clients are operating, in order to deliver a precise content locally adapted to the given market or country.

The company believes in the importance of communication, in terms of accuracy and precision, which is the key for business excellence anywhere in the world.





Legal Translation Service KSA_translate_خدمات الترجمة القانونية
Multi-Language Translation Service KSA_translate_خدمات الترجمة لعديد اللغات
Technical Translation Service_translate_خدمات الترجمة التقنية

Legal Translation is a kind of translation that involves translating documents that have a legal nature.

Translating into English and Multi-Languages in a wide range of fields from translations of general contents.

Technical Translation involves the translation of documents written by industry professionals using specialized terminology.




Medical Translation Service_translate_خدمات الترجمة الطبية
Marketing Translation Service KSA_translate_خدمات الترجمة التسويقية
Copywriting_KSA_ كتاب المحتوى

Many medical professionals need medical translation services, in order to provide patients who, speak other languages with the correct medical treatment.

A well researched marketing translation will strengthen a brand’s identity on a global scale, while preserving its uniqueness in each market.

Copywriting Services that put your thoughts into words. We make it fast and easy to get great content written by experts who truly comprehend what you want to say before they even start writing.

translation services KSA_خدمات الترجمة_ترجمات
Translation Services_Certificate ISO 9001 2015_خدمات الترجمة_ترجمات
Translation Services_Certificate ISO 17100 2015_خدمات الترجمة_ترجمات

As one of the rare translation agencies that are both ISO and ATA certified and accredited by Riyadh Chamber, we've achieved the ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

Elite Translation is certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), for Quality Management System and Translation Services Management System. We are also accredited by the American Translators Association Quality Standards for translation services. No project leaves our doors unless it meets our parameters for accuracy.

Riyadh Chamber | Certified Translation Services KSA | خدمات ترجمة مُعتمدة في السعودية
Ministry of Commerce | Certified Translation Services KSA | خدمات ترجمة مُعتمدة في السعودية
ATA | Certified Translation Services KSA | خدمات ترجمة مُعتمدة في السعودية
ISO | Certified Translation Services KSA | خدمات ترجمة مُعتمدة في السعودية
ATC | Certified Translation Services KSA | ISO | Certified Translation Services KSA | خدمات ترجمة مُعتمدة في السعودية
translation service founder KSA_translate_الترجمه_الترجمه خدمات


Mohamed Elassal is Elite Business Solutions Services’ driving force and the main source of inspiration for our team. He has Master in International Arbitration, and engaged in translation business since 2017.

Mr. Mohamed is greatly experienced in managing various workflow procedures and solving challenging tasks. He ensures that each project is carried out with due diligence and bears personal responsibility for translation quality and meeting the agreed deadlines.

Mr. Mohamed has a broad range of interests. He is energetic, ambitious and forward thinking.

Our Pricing
Certified Translation Service_translate_خدمات الترجمه المعتمدة
Certified Translation Service_translate_خدمات الترجمه المعتمدة

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